Grand Junction High School Student Arrested

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A Grand Junction High School student is facing felony charges after police say he told a school bus driver he had a bomb.

11 News has chosen not to release the student's name because he has not been charged as an adult at this point.

On Tuesday, a school bus driver told the Grand Junction Police Department a student falsely reported he had a bomb on the bus.

Investigators say they went to the teen’s home and found pipe, sulfur, gun powder, B.B.'s, cylinders and assorted bomb making recipes.

They arrested the 16-year-old and he was booked into the department of youth corrections.

The police department and School District 51 officials say this is a model of how communication is supposed to work in a situation like this.

Investigators say the 16-year-old is facing three felony charges including false reporting of an explosive device and two counts of posession of explosives.

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