Elk Sets up Camp on De Beque Man's Porch

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A De Beque man gets knocked off his porch Thursday morning by an unexpected visitor- a more than 100 pound elk.

David Furr walked onto his porch to get firewood and was sent sprawling into the snow by an elk who had set up camp on his porch during the night. Furr said he thought he was being mugged at first. Furr's dog starting howling and then the elk and his dog disappeared into the house. The elk didn't make it too far though, it slipped on the slick wood floor. Furr says he put a blanket over it to calm it down and it eventually wandered back outside. The elk then set-up camp on his porch.

Furr believes the elk is sick and needs medicine from the Division of Wildlife.

Randy Hampton with the Division Of Wildlife says this isn't the first time an elk has visited the De Beque neighborhood. Hampton says several years ago people in the neighborhood had been feeding an elk and it eventually became aggressive and knocked somebody over. The DOW had to put the animal down.

Hampton says the best thing to do is leave the elk alone. It will eventually go off and find food on its own.

The DOW says it will have to put the elk down if it continues to show no fear to people.