Neighbors Fighting Homeless Shelter Expansion Plan

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The Grand Junction Community Homeless Shelter on North Avenue wants to expand but people who live in the neighborhood behind it are banding together to fight the plan.

Roberta Freshcorn is talking to neighbors and trying to figure out how to fight the homeless shelter's expansion plan.

She says she's tired of transients standing in the parking lot next to her fence. Freshcorn says she feels like she's living in a fishbowl because they can see over her fence.

The Grand Junction Community Shelter says it's been planning to build an addition to the building for a year and a half.

Shelter Manager Teresa Black says it's in dire need of more space
and if the shelter doesn't expand, they'll have to turn people away, including women and children.

Black says she understands neighbors concerns, but she says the shelter is doing the best it can to accommodate everyone.

Neighbors say they will continue fight the expansion.

Roberta Freshcorn says until the plan gets scrubbed, she'll be staying out of her own backyard.

Feshcorn says she plans to file a complaint with the shelter and has written a letter to the city.

The Grand Junction planning officials say they will hear any complaints and may set a public hearing.

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