Britney Spears' Welfare in Father's Hands

Los Angeles (AP) _ A court is giving Britney Spears' father
control of her welfare.

The decision was made today during an unannounced hearing in los
angeles superior court. The ruling means James Spears will be temporary conservator, in charge of making decisions about the pop star's life and finances, since she's unable to do so for herself.

The singer was taken to a hospital yesterday for psychiatric evaluation. The court has also issued a restraining order against Britney Spears' sometimes manager and friend, Sam Lutfi.

It also gave permission to change the locks on her estate and remove anyone who is there. The conservator can also restrict visitors to her
hospital room, have access to her medical records and arrange for
her security.

The ruling is in effect until Monday, when another hearing will
be held.

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