EMS & Fire Conference in Grand Junction

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EMS and fire representatives are gathering in Grand Junction for the 2nd annual EMS and Fire Conference.

The conference is for EMS and fire units from Eastern Utah and all of Colorado. Two hundred EMS providers and firefighters are taking part in the educational programming.

Safety equipment and safety techniques are being demonstrated at the conference.

Convention coordinator Fidel Garcia said this event has a few creative elements. Garcia said, "We do a skills rodeo where they have to go into a scenario and perform skills. They have to identify cases, they have to see what situations there are, and they have to treat the patients appropriately."

Mesa State EMS students were used as fake victims for the scenario demonstrations on Saturday. Scenarios ranged from toxicology incidents to simple bodily injuries. EMS and firefighters had to run tests as if they were actually in the field.

The point behind the scenarios was to ensure teamwork among the participants.

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