Snowmobilers Found in Good Condition

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The Mesa County Sheriff's Department has found three missing snowmobilers in the Whitewater area and for two it wasn't there first time.

The three men were found at 8:20 this morning after spending an entire night in a cabin 25 miles off Highway 141 in the Uncompahgre.

The men's wives called Mesa County Search and Rescue after they didn't return home to watch the Super Bowl.

The missing snowmobilers have been identified as Chet Smith, 35, of Grand Junction; Gregory Cole, 38, of Palisade; and Bart Sunn, 35. The trio tried to leave the cabin at 3 p.m. yesterday but were forced back inside due to the weather.

For two of the three missing snowmobilers it was not the first time they were rescued in the past two weeks. Chet Smith and Gregory Cole were rescued by Mesa County Search & Rescue two weeks ago near Vega on top of the Mesa. Bart Sunn was actually on the search and rescue team that rescued them on top of the Mesa.

They had plenty of food and warmth to make it through the storm but no communication equipment. Search and rescue members were able to find the missing snowmobilers because one of their family members told authorities where the cabin was located.

All three men are in good condition.

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