Winter Weather Hurts Local Business

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The long-term winter weather is having an adverse affect on some local businesses.

Over the past two months, Grand Junction has already experienced six more inches of snowfall than normal, and certain local businesses are feeling the affects.

Local area golf courses are feeling the pinch because most of the courses are still covered with ice and snow. Eric Feely, the General Manager of the Golf Club at Redlands Mesa, says he hopes the weather will stop soon.

Feely says, "February is generally a good month, and we've had years where we play every month. So we can do several hundred rounds in December and January and generally get up to 1500 rounds in February."

Bike stores and cyclists are also feeling the chill. Bryan Miick is the owner of the Bike Shop and he says this time of year is the slow season for bike sales.

Miick says, "If it's wet and snowy all week and then we get a good Saturday, people are out running around we'll get a good business day on Saturday if the sun is out."

For both businesses, they must have faith in an improving weather pattern.

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