Dog Rescued After Falling Through Ice

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A 100 pound Bernese Mountain Dog was pulled out of icy waters at Canyon View Park on Monday morning. The dog was in the water for close to thirty minutes.

The Ice Water Rescue Team was called out just before 11:00. The Grand Junction Fire Department says to call them in an event like this and not to go into the water to rescue an animal.

According to Mike Page of Grand Junction Fire Department, an animal can withstand icy waters for around 30 minutes, while a human can only be in the water for 6 to 7 minuets before hypothermia sets in. The dog is thought to be alright, he was taken to the vet after being rescued as a precaution.

This is the third time a dog has fallen through ice this winter. On Sunday a dog fell through a dog fell through the ice at Canyon View Park. That dog was pulled to safety before the fire department could respond.

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