Mesa State College Emergency Alert System

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Shootings like the one Monday in Memphis and the one last week in Louisiana that left three students dead are sadly becoming more and more common. Mesa State College has an alert system to inform students about possible school violence.

Mesa State College has implemented an emergency alert system to notify its students, faculty, and staff in the case of an emergency on campus. College officials say the system was installed all in the name of upgrades to its emergency preparedness.

The system will either call students on their cell phone with a pre–recorded message or send them a text message or both. Phone call alerts are sent fairly instantaneously and text messages are received in about 2 to 3 minutes. The system is state of the art and uses cell phones which are already in the hands of most students.

Darcie Thompson, a student at Mesa State, believes the new alert system will benefit the college. She says, "It's a really good idea. I think after Virginia Tech we really needed a program."

Students have the option to sign up if they wish to receive the alerts.
Students can sign by clicking a link on their MAV ZONE log-in. The link will ask for a name and a phone number as well as what kind of alert you would like.

Mesa State College officials say they have already done a limited test, and students received the messages. A campus wide test is expected in the upcoming months.

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