Families Dealing with Meth

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“This problem is bigger than all of us, and it really affects our community,” says a Share and Care Group member who goes by “Jane” for the interview.

Meth is a problem that not only destroys the addict but their families as well. Some family members are fighting back.

Another group member called "Donna" said, “We need to save our kids if we can.”

Donna and Jane are finding the strength to take back their lives with help from one local support group. Both say the journey was not easy.

Donna said, “One of the hardest things I ever did was walk through the door for that very first meeting.” She said its easy for people who haven’t gone through this to judge. “They can sit there and go, ‘well, you know, your child is one of the bad ones,’ but they have no idea what you deal with. They have no idea the embarrassment, the social pariah that you kinda become.” They can’t identify with you, they can’t identify with how you feel unless you’ve been here, that’s the thing, they don’t know.”

Jane said her son was hooked on meth. She said she tried everything she could to help him.
“You hand them money, just try to be there, and nothing helps. It got worse and worse for me. He was consuming my life totally, to the point I was losing my husband and my life. I felt like I was losing me.”

And for these two, the Share and Care Group came at just the right time.

“Before I joined the group, I had been dealing with this for probably 20 years,” said Jane.
“This group came into light at the perfect time for me. I needed it, and it was there.”

With support from group members and guidance from group counselors, both women feel they are in a better place.

Donna says about how she feels today, “I’m stronger today and I can deal with this. I set boundaries. I don’t let it consume me, and I think before I came to the group I believed this problem really consumed my life.”

“I’m a lot stronger because there is no guilt when I say no, and I can say no,” said Jane.

Both members say they wouldn’t have the strength they do now if it weren’t for the Share and Care Group.

Donna said, “I have shared a lot with other people, and they all, we all, have the same problems, we’re all at the same spot. I can go ahead and take care of me because if I can’t take care of myself I can not help my child, and that’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learned out of the group.”

Both women agree the journey is far from over.

Anyone who would like more information about the Share and Care Group can call Angie Wickersham with the Mesa County Meth Task Force at 970-683-2678 or go to www.methfree.mesacounty.us.

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