Friends, Family of Accidental Shooting Victim Set Up Recovery Fund

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Kenny Franklin is listed in serious condition at St. Mary's Hospital after he was accidentally shot over the weekend. Now friends and family are asking the community for help.

Micke Smallwood is a longtime customer of Jerry's Outdoor Sports in Clifton. He says one of the reasons he continues to go back is because of store employee Kenny Franklin.

"He's so personable, and just has a nice character and personality about him," said Smallwood.

He says since Franklin was accidentally shot on Saturday, the store and the employees aren't the same.

"They're concerned and you can see it in their eyes," said Smallwood.

No one shows it quite like store owner Jerry, who declined to speak on camera saying he was too emotional about the situation.

"Jerry says he's more like a brother to me instead of a person who works for me," said Smallwood. "When you get to know him you kind of feel the same."

His friends say not having him at the store isn't even the hardest part.

"Everybody has one time in their life where they have difficulties to undergo and conquer," said Smallwood. "But it sure seems like he's been hit with a double whammy."

Two years ago Franklin battled with leukemia. Though the cancer is in remission, his friends say the medical bills took their toll on him. This time they don't want that to be the case.

"He's got a lot of friends and a lot of people who care about him," said Smallwood.

A collection box has been set up at Jerry's Outdoor Sports, where people can make donations to help cover medical expenses. Friends can also leave messages on a notepad that will be given to him at the hospital while he recovers.

"He's a fighter," said Smallwood.

Franklin's friends hope his drive to fight gets him back on his feet and back in the store very soon.

Jerry says the outpouring of support from the community has been wonderful, and he's sure it will continue to stay strong while Franklin is in the hospital.

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