Want to buy beer on Sunday?

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DENVER (AP) _ Two bills that would change Colorado's liquor laws will get hearings Wednesday at the State Capitol.

One would allow supermarkets and convenience stores to sell beer and wine, a move opposed by liquor store owners. They've countered with a second proposal which would allow them to stay open on Sunday.

Supermarkets, which can only sell 3.2 percent alcohol beer now, say liquor stores have an unfair monopoly and shoppers deserve more options.

But liquor stores say the supermarket bill would benefit out-of-state corporations and hurt homegrown Colorado businesses that have been fostered by the state's liquor laws.

Currently, liquor license holders can only open one store each, which has fostered many small stores across the state. Supermarkets can now operate a liquor store in just one of their locations in the state.

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