Macho Support Group

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Its a group for men with cancer. And as group member Bill Hill explains, the name started out as sort of a joke.
"We kind of jokingly started referring to it as the Macho group because men don't usually come to meetings like this," says Hill.
But men did come to the group, and after a year, the group is looking to expand.

The Cancer Recovery Foundation contacted the group and is interested in taking the name and concept international. Group members say they will keep doing what they have always done.

Cancer survivor and group member Keith Holm says, "You can sit there and feel sorry for yourself or you can just get in there and fight and beat it." Other members agree, and Macho member Daryl Monroe is taking the steps to inform others about an issue that is close to his heart. Monroe has stage four bone cancer. Stage four bone cancer is fatal. Monroe says the cancer started out as breast cancer. Breast Cancer says Monroe is not common in men but can be harder to detect and just as fatal. "We find that breast cancer from the male has gone to bone, as in my case, or to other vital organs," says Monroe.

Monroe wanted other men to be aware of this disease so he recruited his son and his son's friends to pose for a billboard. The billboard shows four men with their shirts off, and reads, 'Real men can get breast cancer too.' The billboard is located on the west side of 25 Road just south of Paterson. "We thought if we can save one person by giving them some public knowledge about it, we'll do that," says Monroe.

The Macho group meets twice a week at the Java Coffee Shop in the St. Mary's Medical Pavilion. Anyone who would like more information can call Debra Hesse at 244-2351.

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