City and County Snow Removal Budget Hit Hard

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It has been tough plowing for both Mesa County and Grand Junction road crews this winter.

The budgets for both the county and city are starting to feel the crunch from the overactive winter resulting in certain projects maybe being canceled if we see another significant winter storm.

Neither the city nor the county are ready to say they are in a budget crisis.

Mesa County has already spent double on materials and labor from last year. Grand Junction has also spent almost double when it comes to chemicals.

Mesa County has used 4,500 tons of salt and sand mixture this winter compared to just under 2,000 tons last year.

Grand Junction Streets and Systems Manager Doug Cline says citizens should not worry about the budget. He says, "As long as it is snowing and we're needed out there we're going to have people on the street. We always have and always will, and then we'll figure out later how we're going to pay for it and if another program has to suffer than so be it. That's the way we'll have to take care of it."

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