New Trend: Teens Texting Naked Photos

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Parents in Mesa County say it's a disturbing trend, teens taking naked photos of themselves with their cell phones and text messaging them to other kids.

One Mesa County man, who did not want to be identified, said he was shocked to find lewd pictures on his 15–year–old nephew's cell phone.

He says he's not only worried about teens, he's worried about their photos getting in the wrong hands.

Family counselor Steve Landman has worked with hundreds of teens and says there are a lot of issues motivating teens to snap these photos. He says teen experimentation, exhibitionism and sexual imagery and pressures in society may drive them to this behavior.

Landman says parents should talk to their kids about sex and pornography, even if it's difficult.

The District Attorney's office says teens who take or share photos could face criminal charges.

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