Not the First Time Lindholm Has Been Under Investigation

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This isn't the first time Matt Lindholm has been investigated by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. One year ago a parent came forward saying he had physically assaulted her daughter.

Lindholm was never charged in the case, but the mother who sparked the investigation says she's not surprised authorities are looking at him again.

Leta Nieslanik says Matt Lindholm assaulted her daughter, Makita, one year ago.

She says her daughter was very upset and the following year she left school.

Nieslanik says she went up the chain of command, writing letters to the athletic director, principal and even the sheriff's office.

There was a criminal investigation but she says it was short lived.

Nieslanik says she received a letter from the sheriff's office citing a statute that allows teachers to use some force to control students.

The sheriff's office would not comment on the investigation but to say that it did happen and Lindholm was cleared.

The school district also wouldn't comment saying it was a personnel issue.

Now that Lindholm has resigned, Nieslanik says she feels relieved but because of the new criminal investigation, she wishes it would have been sooner.

Nieslanik says she hopes Lindholm never coaches again.

She wishes her daughter's former teammates the best in the midst of all of this.

Lindholm resigned as coach on Monday. He's also a teacher at Central High School.

School District 51 would not speculate on whether or not they would put Lindholm on administrative leave during the investigation.

They say they will meet with him next week when he gets back to talk about the allegations.

11 News will be following this investigation very closely and we will pass on any details as soon as they become available.

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