Northern Illinois School Shooting Affects Local Couple

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The tragedy of the Northern Illinois University shooting has affected two residents of Grand Junction particularly hard because both used to be professors at the school.

Abdul Basti and his wife Carol spent 30 years at Northern Illinois University. Abdul was a finance and statistics professor for the huskies. Carol received her doctorate degree from the school and also taught there.

They both had strong feelings about Thursday's shooting. Abdul says, "Well I was really shocked and I cried actually when I heard about it." Carol says, "I was just absolutely shocked, profoundly shocked that something like that could happen in such a quiet and friendly place."

After the shooting was over six people including the gunman were killed. The shootings took place in Cole Hall. Both Abdul and Carol were familiar with Cole Hall. Abdul conducted tests in the large auditorium.

The Basti family say they hope to contact former colleagues in the upcoming week to make sure they are doing okay.

They also want family and victims to know they are praying for them.

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