Blaze Displaces Family

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An apartment fire displaces an Orchard Mesa family. A six-year-old woke up to smoke and alerted the family.

The fire broke out just before 10 A.M. and burned for an hour. Central Orchard Mesa's Fire investigation revealed that a surge protector with "10 to 15 plugs" in it sparked the blaze.

Trisha, Brianna and Nevaeh Plumb were inside the apartment when the fire broke out. The Western Colorado Chapter of the Red Cross is assisting the family. Trisha Plumb was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. One of the two family dogs died in the fire.

Of the two buildings in the apartment complex at 109 Anna Court in East Orchard Mesa, one has been vacant for at least one year and was condemned by the count a little more than a week ago.

Recent code inspections revealed what one resident of the complex calls, "life threatening violations". The resident says that Carbon Monoxide was found to be leaking into his apartment at a hazardous level.

11 News will bring you more details on this Tuesday at 5:30 and 10.

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