Colorado Rated Yellow in Recent Highway Safety Report

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A new report from the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety says Colorado doesn't have enough driving laws.

The report dealt with everything from teen driving to drunk driving and even seat belt laws. Every state including the District of Columbia were graded on whether lawmakers have adopted 15 traffic laws the advocates recommended.

Seventeen states and Washington D.C. were rated green, 30 states including Colorado were rated yellow, and 3 states were rated red. Colorado rated green in impaired driver laws, but failed to meet the criteria for seat belt and teen driving laws therefore gaining an overall rating of yellow.

Author of the report and President of the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, Judy Stone, says Colorado may not have to do too much to receive a green rating. Stone says, "All you [Colorado] would have to do would be to pass primary enforcement seat belt laws, and I know you've been trying to do that for years but it doesn't seem to be successful."

Currently Colorado police officers must observe another violation before issuing a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. Primary enforcement laws would allow police to pull over a driver for just a seat belt infraction.

The advocates for Highway and Auto Safety also say Colorado could improve by getting a motorcycle helmet law and teenage cell phone restrictions.

The organization says Colorado spends nearly 3.3 billion dollars a year on car crashes.