Local Businesses Raise Money for Nisley Elementary

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Just one week after 11 News reported Nisley Elementary School was out $1,700 because of a bad check community businesses are stepping up to lend a hand and some cash.

Big "O" Tires and KSTR 96.1 FM held a fundraiser for the school and have raised $1,400.

Tuesday the General Manager of Big "O" Tires, Gerome Bernal told 11 News he's pledged to make up the difference so they can give $1,700 to Nisley Elementary.

School District 51 says a parent wrote a bad check for a fundraiser and when they couldn't work it out they turned it over to police.

The case is still under investigation tonight. Grand Junction Police have not released the name of the parent who is accused of writing a bad check because that person has not been charged. Investigators say case has been turned over to the District Attorney's Office and the parent could face fraud and theft charges.

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