Apartments to be Condemned; Residents Say "It's About Time"

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Monday a fire forced a family out of their apartment at 109 Anna Court, and Tuesday Mesa County Building Inspectors have decided to officially condemn the apartment complex on Friday. All residents will have to move out of their homes within 10 days.

The apartment complex was inspected a little more than a week ago and one building, which wasn't occupied, was deemed unsafe to live in by the county. Problems were found with the occupied building but the county says not enough to condemn the property, until Monday’s fire.

Residents tell 11 News that the property owner never returned phone calls or fixed any problems with the complex. The county says it was neglect that led to the apartments being in such bad conditions. Bob Lee, Director of Mesa County Building Inspections says that “roof coverings were torn, leading to bad leaks into the apartments, and the interior walls and ceilings were coming loose and in some cases falling down.”

When asked how much he pays in rent, Joey Hill, a resident of the complex, says he pays nothing; he has never paid a cent to the landlord. Why? They say it's because nothing was ever fixed and the landlord hardly ever comes around, other residents also confirmed with 11 News that they stopped paying rent about one year ago.

Multiple messages left for the landlord were not returned and the County tells us that attempted contact with the homeowner has not been returned. Lee says he has not heard from the landlord for “eight to ten months."

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