Former Grand Junction Teacher Recieves Jail Time for Racial Motivated Fight

A former Grand Junction high school business teacher will be spending some time behind bars for his role in a racially motivated fight.

Here's a mug shot of a bruised michael taylor shortly after the fight.

Today the 47 year–old was sentenced under a plea agreement today to 60 days in jail and three years probation... He will also have to complete 100 hours community service and donate one thousand dollars to the partners program.

Police say taylor was involved in a fight at The Ale House on the night of April 27th . Witnesses say taylor was in a shouting match with Gregory McQuitter, a black man from Parachute.

Police say the fight got physical when Taylor yelled racial slurs at McQuitter. When McQuitter approached him, Taylor and another man threw him to the ground and hit and kicked him multiple times in the face.

The fight sent McQuitter to the hospital.

Taylor cried as he was sentenced in court this morning. He says he was ashamed of what took place and that he had drank too much the night of the fight.