Skull Identified, Manner of Death Undetermined

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A 25-year-old mystery has been solved by a local dentist.

You may remember a skull was found atop the Grand Mesa by some hikers back in October of 2006.

Recently Grand Junction Dentist John Bull was able to match dental records from it to Mark Anthony Delmege of Des Monies, Iowa. Delmege had been missing since June of 1983 he was 26–year–old.

Bull was asked by Des Monies Police to run Delmege's dental records.

As for the cause of death, the coroner's office says they can't be certain but say fractures in the skull are consistent with a fall. They've ruled the manner of death as undetermined.

The coroner's office say it may return to the Mesa in July or August with the sheriff's office to look for more remains or clues as to what happened to Delmege.