Homeward Bound Meets with Neighboring Residents and Businesses

The controversy continues over the proposed expansion of the Homeward Bound homeless shelter as the board members met with neighboring residents and businesses to talk about concerns.

Mellissa Bradley was at the meeting and, though she doesn't live right behind the homeless shelter, she says across the street is close enough. Bradley is afraid to let her nephews play in her yard because one day they found a needle. There are also beer bottles on the streets and sidewalks. She says trash is always being thrown in her yard.

Another neighbor, Nancy Ortega, who lives directly behind the shelter says she is constantly finding things in her yard. Also, Ortega says people are outside all hours of the night that her dog barks at.

Shelter Board Members feel the meeting with the neighbors went well today and that questions were addressed the best way possible.

Teresa Black, with the shelter, says her staff is going to be more involved with the residents, letting them know what neighbors are saying. Black says the residents of the shelter need to police the area and make it safer for them and the neighbors.

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