Cabaret Temporarily Closing for Tax Issues

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A usual theater phrase is the show must go on, but in the case of the Cabaret Theater in Grand Junction the show isn't going on for the time being.

The popular dinner theater is having to close its doors temporarily due to back tax violations. The state of Colorado officially seized the building Thursday.

Owner Kirk McConnell owes 13 thousand dollars in back taxes. He says, "With the debt that we had been left with after the round–about construction plus January's low attendance it put us in a temporary hole."

McConnell says because of the construction many season ticket holders asked to suspend their tickets until the construction was finished. He says now the theater is at pre–construction attendance.

Theater goers to Thursday's showing of Goodbye Girl will be able to reschedule their tickets or receive a full refund.

McConnell believes the theater will only be closed for Thursday but his worst case scenario is being closed through the weekend.

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