Talking to Your Kids About Teachers Getting Arrested

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This isn't the first time a Mesa County teacher has been in trouble with the law so how can you talk to your kids about these issues?

Former elementary school teacher Tammy Reed was convicted on drug charges, the former athletic director for Grand Junction High School Johnny Walker is still going through the legal process for internet luring charges and with the Lindholm case mental health experts say parents and teens have to deal with alot of pyschological issues they may not even realize.

They say the best thing you can do to deal with those feelings is to talk about them.

Family counselor Steve Landman not all parents do, and that's where problems can arise.

Landman says parents need to use events in the news or media as ways to open dialogue about sex, relationships, and what is appropriate behavior and what is not.

He says every age group has health individuals and unhealthy individuals. He says healthy teens will look at the arrests and figure out that those adults are not healthy and should not be looked at as role models. Landmans says there are some who may already look at the teacher or adult as a role model and therefore the teen will give that negative behavior some credibility in their mind.

Landman says any disruption to an adult-child relationship has the potential to undermine trust between adolescents and adults. He says trust is critical in childhood development.

He says however difficult it is for parents, they need to talk to their kids because if they don't, he says children will learn values from the media, movies, video games and television.

If you would like more information on how to talk to your kids about sensitive issues or counseling resources click on the link below or contact the Western Slope Center for Children at (970) 245-3788.

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