Garret Kulp Sentenced

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A man once on Grand Junction's Ten Most Wanted list was sentenced Monday afternoon.

23-year-old Garret Kulp was sentenced to fourteen years in jail, with a mandatory three year parole after that. Last month Kulp pleaded guilty to charges of first degree assault with a deadly weapon and menacing.

Kulp fired shots at people near North Avenue last June, and was on the run from authorties for several months.

An emotional Kulp told a judge on Monday he's spent a lot of time thinking while in jail, and he realizes how bad of a person he was.

The judge and prosecutor say they feel the sentence is appropriate for the crime Kulp committed. They say they are hopeful that once he gets out of jail, he will be a changed man.

Kulp now has three felony convictions, which officially classifies him as a habitual offender.

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