Cabaret Re-Opens Doors

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The Cabaret Dinner Theater is officially re-opened after back taxes violations closed it.

Cabaret owners were able to pay off the owed back taxes to get the theater up and running Monday. The first showing of The Goodbye Girl will begin Wednesday night. Owners admit they would not have been able to do it without the community's help.

A community support fund was established at Grand Valley Bank. Theater owners say they were able to raise 18 thousand dollars from the account. Most of the donations were in the range of $5-$200.

Theater employees are happy to be back at work. Today employees were busy calling cancelled show ticket holders and taking orders for upcoming shows.

Owners say the Cabaret is not out of the woods quite yet because the cancellation of five shows cost the theater anywhere from 25 - 30 thousand dollars.

Owners have now created a new campaign that will allow people to make an investment in an upcoming show. Investors will then receive a certain percentage of the ticket sales from a shows run.

The community support fund is still also available at Grand Valley Bank for donations.

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