Secretary of State Recertifies Mesa County Voting Machines

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Local election officials say they're pleased with Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman's decision to recertify the county's touch screen voting machines.

The decision came down late Monday evening.

Mesa County Elections Officials tell 11 News with that decision, all of the county's ivotronic touch screen machines have been deemed acceptable for the 2008 elections. They say the county already follows most of the extra rules the Secretary of State mandated as part of the recertification.

Officials are still waiting to find out if the optical scanners the county uses for paper ballots will be recertified.

Sheila Reiner, the Mesa County Director of Elections, says she's not surprised the machines were recertified because they have always been quality machines that produce accurate results.

While officials say they're happy to move forward with organizing local elections, they say they're still worried the state legislature could pass a bill requiring an all paper ballot, citing that more than forty counties across the state are still unsure about their machines.

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