Senate Considers Cutting Funding for Iraq War

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Capitol Hill (AP) The army's chief of staff goes before senators today as the lawmakers vote on a proposal to cut funding for the war in Iraq in 120 days.

General George Casey is expected to tell a senate panel about the impact that repeated deployments are having on the troops.

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said a statement by the joint chiefs of staff operations chief shows the Bush troop surge in Iraq was not a temporary troop buildup. Lieutenant General Carter Ham said by July, the total number of troops there should be
About 140,000. That's 8,000 more than were there when the surge was ordered.

The senate move to cut funding is expected to fall short of the votes needed.

A related measure is expected to fail too. It would require the administration to issue a report within 60 days that outlines how The U.S. plans to combat Al-Qaida and its supporters.