Georgia County Going to Single-Sex Public Schools

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Greensboro, GA. (AP) Where students were once segregated by race, one Georgia county, fighting to improve test scores, is about to try separation by gender.

Students in all of Greene county, Georgia’s regular public schools will be separated according to sex starting next fall.

Educators hope the move will improve rock-bottom test scores and reduce teen pregnancy and discipline rates in the small, rural, East Georgia system.

The school board approved the measure last week, but it's drawn vocal protests from some students, parents and community members.

School officials say they need drastic change to save the low-performing district from slipping further behind.

Districts nationwide have been scrambling to implement single-sex education, since federal officials eased the process in 2006.

Greene county officials say they believe they are the first in the country to convert the entire school district to a single-gender model.