Man Breaks Ribs in Jump to Avoid Airport Security Police

Beginning next March, flights in and out of New York's JFK Airport will be limited to 82 to 83 an hour during peak times. (AP)
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Miami (Ap) It looked like a scene from a suspense movie.

A man bolted from security screeners yesterday at Miami’s International airport, jumped off a second floor concourse and broke his ribs and an arm in the 25-foot fall.

Authorities say the 42-year-old man, Faid Beydoun, raised suspicions as he stood in line waiting to board a Los Angeles-bound flight. When they found he had multiple passports, they asked him to step out of line and he bolted.

Two other men were taken off a later flight going to Los Angeles that was still on the tarmac. They told investigators they paid for the man's plane ticket and that he was their Miami Beach party guide.

The man has been hospitalized and faces disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges.