Oil and Gas Industry: Safety on the Rigs

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Jason Burge is a former gas field worker who was injured back in December. Burge says he worked for the company, American Boring and Casing that was contracted by Oxy. He says the accident happened when a thawed out fill-line exploded because of pressure.
Burge says this pressure forced him back, breaking his left leg and then fracturing his right.

Another company, Encana Oil and Gas says safety falls at the top of their priority list.

Encana does numerous things to ensure a safe working environment like housing employees in man camps on site, holding daily safety meeting, and continually visiting rig location sites.

An employee for Encana, Robert Samples says accidents that occur on gas rigs can be more serious because all the equipment is heavy. But Samples says most accidents are similar to those in other industries like pinched fingers or toes.

Right now OSHA is investigating three different incidents where people died. Two of the rigs are in Garfield County, and the third is in Rio Blanco County. One of the incidents did occur on an Encana site, but through an investigation by OSHA, the company was found not to be at fault. The fault lied on the contractor.

Robert Samples with Encana says there are a couple of things too look at as far as dangers, but says the employees are well trained. Also, Samples says there is safety equipment in place if something does occur.

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