Highline Lake State Park Delays Opening for Boating Season

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Because of record snowfall and chillier than average temperatures this winter, Highline Lake State Park officials say they'll have to delay the opening of the lake for boating season.

Park rangers say there is still ten inches of ice covering the lake and people are still ice fishing.

They say they planned to open March 1, but now they will have to wait until the ice melts. Rangers say they have to wait for "open water" before they can put boat ramps in the water and use their boats to start breaking up the ice.

And it couldn't come sooner for boaters. Many say they have cabin fever, it's been a long winter and they can't wait to get out on the water.

For boat retailers like Marine Max, it's time to kick off the season. They say a couple of weeks of delays won't hurt their business.

But for Highline Lake State Park it makes all the difference. For now the buoys aren't the only things frozen in the ice, the park's budget may need a life preserver.

Highline Lake State Park Ranger Alan Martinez says because of the delayed opening, the park may be a couple thousand dollars in the hole. He says the state parks pool their revenue so other state parks will have to make up for the loss. He says a lack of revenue could affect Highline Lake State Park's operation.

However, park rangers think that once all of the ice freezes, it will be a very busy season.

Highline Lake State Park says it will keep its website updated with information. Click on the link below to link there.

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