State Legislature Considering All Paper Ballot Election

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A day after Mesa County voting machines were recertified, another shake up, as the State Legislature considers a bill that would require an all paper ballot election.

The bill was introduced on the Senate floor Tuesday.

Although many of the state's electronic voting machines were recertified, machines in several counties have yet to be deemed acceptable for use.

In a letter sent to the state's county clerks, Governor Bill Ritter said "the risk of litigation and lack of public trust in previously decertified equipment makes the widespread use of these machines in 2008 infeasible."

Local election officials said they did not want to comment on the bill until they had a chance to read it in full. However, they have made several trips to Denver in the past few months to express their concerns over such a bill. They say making the switch would mean reorganizing the election process and spending millions of taxpayer dollars.

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