Baby Girl Found In Basket Outside Denver Hospital -- Update

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Denver (AP) A new-born baby girl has died after someone left her in a basket outside a Denver hospital, rang the call button and then fled.

Police Detective Sharon Hahn says the infant was discovered outside Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center around 7:30 Tuesday night.

A security guard took her inside the hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Hahn says police can't speculate about whether the girl was alive when she was left at the hospital, and it's not clear whether security cameras captured images of whoever left her.

The age of the child is unknown.

Presbyterian/st. Luke's released a statement saying employees were “shaken and saddened.”

Associate Chief Nursing Officer B.J. Gilmore says they wish the child could've received medical help at birth.

Colorado’s “safe haven” law allows a parent to give up a child at a hospital or fire station within 72 hours of birth without fear of prosecution.

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