Court Prevents Mother In Abuse Case From Getting $1 Million Payout

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Newark, N.J. (AP) A New Jersey appeals court says the mother of a 7-year-old boy whose mummified remains were found in the basement of an apartment will not receive a million-dollar payout from the state.

The court has ruled that Melinda Williams has no right to inherit the money from the boy because she abused and neglected him and his two brothers.

Melinda Williams had sought the boy's 1 million-dollar share of a 7.5 million-dollar settlement paid by new jersey in 2006 amid charges of failures by its division of youth and family services. Instead, all the money will go to care for the surviving boys, who
are in foster care.

Authorities never charged Melinda Williams with mistreating her children, but records show she repeatedly ignored agreements to improve her parenting.