DUI Bill Passes One Green Light

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A bill that would create a felony drunk driving charge passed a green light Wednesday, but the Grand Junction lawmaker who proposed it says it still has a long road ahead.

State Representative Steve King's amended bill passed out of the judiciary committee with a unanimous vote today and now moves on to the finance committee.

House Bill 1313 would make drunk driving a felony for drivers convicted of certain crimes after July First of this year.

King says he wishes the bill would allow felony charges to be tacked onto drivers with any extensive criminal backgrounds but due to funding issues the bill moved forward with the stipulation that it start attaching the felony charge after July First .

The representative says it's frustrating living with Colorado's fiscal restraints but in the long run Colorado's future will be safer if the bill passes in its current form.

The bill still has two more committees to go through and a house and senate vote.