Police: Middle Schooler Caught Selling Pot

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Grand Junction police say a student was caught selling pot at Bookcliff Middle School, and now two students are facing drug charges.

Police say the school resource officer made the arrests yesterday morning. 11 News has chosen not to release the names of the students because the suspects are juveniles.

The police department says it has turned the case over to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution but says it did issue citations so the teens will have to appear in court.

The male teen accused of selling marijuana on school grounds is facing felony distribution and possession charges as well as automatic expulsion from school.

Officers say the second suspect is a 14–year–old girl and she will be facing charges for posession. School officials say she could face suspension or expulsion.

School district 51 officials say they work very closely with law enforcement and the school resource officer on drug prevention.
They say this is just a couple of kids making bad decisions and that overall, they have had a good response from their substance abuse education classes.

11 News pulled the numbers to find out how many kids have been expelled because of drugs or controlled substances in Mesa County schools and according to a District 51 report that number has jumped in the last year.

According to the Superintendent's Student Expulsion Comparison report, during the 2006–2007 school year there were three students expelled for drug incidents in middle schools across the county.

So far this school year there have been four, not including these new allegations.

For more information on that report, click on the link below and see page 34.