Preventing Power Problems

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Xcel Energy is taking steps to ensure that power outages on Horizon Drive are a thing of the past.

Crews will begin working to replace the main feeder line with a new line twice its size. Fred Eggleston of Xcel Energy says the line is past its expiration date and a new one should prevent power problems.

The line installation is set to begin with in the next couple of weeks. The first phase will focus on Horizon Drive from Grand Junction Regional Airport south to I-70. That phase should be completed in June, and then phase two will begin. The rest of the line under Horizon Drive from I-70 to G Road will then be replaced. Xcel says that phase should take three to four months.

Xcel Energy is holding an open house Thursday from 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. at its building at 2538 Blichman Avenue.

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