Judge Sentences Former Police Officer to Life

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Canton, Ohio (AP) A former police officer who was convicted of killing his pregnant lover and their unborn child is headed to prison for at least 57 years.

A judge today sentenced Bobby Cutts to life behind bars, with a chance of parole after 57 years. Earlier, a jury decided against recommending a death sentence for Cutts.

Prosecutors said he had killed Jessie Davis so that he wouldn't have to make additional child support payments. But Cutts testified that the death was an accident, from an elbow to the throat during an argument.

During statements before sentencing, the victim's mother said she wanted Cutts to be sentenced in a way that would allow him to be free at some point to share life with his son, Blake, who's now 3. She said she would try to raise the boy to forgive his father --
And that she herself forgives him.