Chiropractic Technology Hits the Western Slope

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Dr. Quackenbush has a practice in Clifton where he uses the latest in chiropractic medicine.

The technology is called the ProAdjuster. This instrument molds NASA technology with old school chiropractics.

The ProAdjuster process involves taking a wand attached to the computer and pressing it on each vertebrae of the spine. Once the data is collected, the chiropractor can diagnose exactly which vertebrae is out of place and needs adjusting, then the wand becomes the adjuster. The wand is placed on the exact vertebrae with pressure and then through vibration, the adjustment is made. The machine does make sound while it's aligning the spine, but patients don't here their back cracking.

Dr. Quackenbush says ProAdjuster is more efficient and exact when treating patients with chiropractic medicine.

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