Hundreds Show Up For Top Model Casting Call

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Hundreds of girls from all corners of the state, and in some cases different corners of the country, came to Grand Junction Saturday in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model.

While many in Grand Junction were still sleeping Saturday morning, Grand Junction resident Mary Fuller was waiting outside the Wax It Salon at 5:30am, trying to make her dream a reality.

"I really want to be a model," said Fuller. "I knew being here super early in the morning shows dedication, and that's what I have."

She was soon followed by hundreds of others who share that same dream.

Friends Morgan Weaver, Emma Mackoy, and Blair Griffith say they believe they can become America's Next Top Model, and drove all the way from Denver to prove it.

"We got here at about five-thirty, completely tired," said Mackoy. "We tried to nap but we're still just too wired and anxious."

As the girls primped and practiced their cat walk, the reality set in that they could soon be on their favorite reality show.

"I was pretty excited," said Lindsay Van Dyke, who drove from Fort Collins to audition. "My friends have been trying to get me to do this for a long time now."

Cameras captured shots of each model hopeful, and then they were asked to strut their stuff on the runway. Finally, each girl was taken to a room where they were asked about their look, their personality, and of course, why they think they should be America's Next Top Model -- a question the girls didn't have a hard time answering.

"I think I have what they're looking for," said Fuller. "I really hope so."

"We made that drive and we haven't slept and we've put forth this effort," said Mackoy. "That's dedication."

"I mean, all these girls are beautiful, but I think I have something different," said Van Dyke.

But whether they make it or not, all the girls say auditioning for the show was worth it.

Saturday's auditions were for Cycle 11 of the show, which will begin shooting later this year.

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