Brain Injury Awareness Month

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Living with a brain injury can be traumatic for any family, but when two members of the family suffer brain injuries, it just doesn't seem fair.

A mother and son in Delta are in such a predicament. But instead of complaining about their conditions, the Honeycutt family is trying to spread awareness.

David Honeycutt was involved in a car accident while his mother Kay was involved in a bike accident. Now, the pair wants to help others with brain injuries avoid what they went through by raising awareness of programs available to people with traumatic brain injuries.

The Honeycutt's support groups like the Brain Injury Association of America and the Western Slope Brain Injury Support Group. And, these two groups help countless individuals even outside of Brain Injury Awareness Month.

The Western Slope Brain Injury Support Group meets every first Wednesday of each month at 7PM at Ratekin Tower, located at 875 Main St. in Grand Junction.

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