Reyes Expects Compromise as Early as This Week on Eavesdropping Law

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Washington (AP) The chairman of the house intelligence committee expects a compromise soon on a terrorist surveillance law that could provide legal protections for telecom companies.

Representative Silvestre Reyes tells CNN a deal is “very close” and expects a vote “within the next week.” however, a top house republican says he's not as optimistic.

President Bush is pushing the house to approve a version of the Bill already passed by the senate. That measure offers retroactive legal immunity to companies that helped the government wiretap U.S. Computer and phone lines after nine-eleven without court approval.

The eavesdropping law expired last month after congress didn't renew it. Bush has claimed that refusing to renew the law puts the country at a greater risk for terrorist attacks.

But house democrats worry that civil liberties will be eroded and accuse Bush of fear-mongering.