Utah Search Concludes

(AP Photo/FBI)
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Riverton, Utah (AP) The search is over at a Utah home where a man possibly sickened by a deadly poison once lived. The FBI isn't saying whether agents found anything related to the ricin scare in Las Vegas.

Authorities believe they've found all of the ricin in several vials recovered Thursday from a Las Vegas motel where Roger von Bergendorff had been staying, but they wanted to also check the home in Riverton, outside Salt Lake City. It's owned by the man's cousin.

Von Bergendorff had been staying in the motel room where the ricin was found and has been hospitalized since February 14th. He's been unconscious, so police and the FBI have not been able to question him about the ricin.

Investigators still don't know why the man would have the poison. The only legal use for it is cancer research.