Seat Belt Safety Scuffle

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Parents are raising concerns about the lack of seat belts on school buses; this after a crash in Georgia critically injured two students.

According to local Laidlaw officials, school buses use a passive restraint system known as Compartmentalization, which they compare to an “egg in a carton.” So if an accident occurs the child is bounced around in a cushioned seat and not held rigid by a seat belt.

According to a study done by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, approximately 450,000 public school buses transport more than 23 Million children every year, and on average, six children die in school bus crashes each year. Four kids died in a Minnesota bus crash in February, the bus was not equipped with seatbelts.

Marvin Shipley of Laidlaw says, “N.H.T.S.A. did quite a study and the conclusion was that the compartmentalization was still better than the seatbelt.”

Another study done by the National Academy of Science highlights that kids are at a greater risk in the bus loading zone then while they are on the bus.

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