McCain Presumptive Republican Nominee, Democrats to Continue to Fight

This morning there is now a presumptive republican nominee for president.

While Hillary Clinton's big primary wins mean a tighter race for the democrats.

Hillary Clinton basked in what became a night of wins: in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island.
Smiling as wide as Texas Hillary Clinton basked in her comeback: wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island.

In Columbus Clinton claimed victory aiming at her rival.

"I have big dreams for America's future. The question is not whether we can fulfill those dreams; it's whether we will. And here's our answer: yes, we will,” says Clinton

The music hinted Barack Obama's campaign expected a different outcome. Obama pocketed only Vermont, neither of the night's big states. He said in San Antonio, though, the big picture stays the same.

"We have nearly the same delegate lead as we did this morning, and we are on our way to winning this nomination,” says Obama

How will the democrats' race end? A dozen contests to go, and neither candidate can get to the magic delegate number.

John McCain reached it for republicans, ending the primary race on that side. Mike Huckabee officially bowed out last night.

"We'll go home tonight and hopefully bring our team together for the transition. We'll be working on whatever we need to help senator McCain,” says Huckabee

Today at the White House President Bush will give McCain his public backing, McCain's eyes are now on November.

"so stand up with me, my friends, stand up and fight for america — for her strength, her ideals, and her future. The contest begins tonight,” says McCain.

It was a night that delivered a presumptive nominee and the guarantee that democrats fight on.

Barack Obama returns to Chicago for two days of downtime. Hillary Clinton starts campaigning tomorrow in Pennsylvania, April 22nd now holding the next big delegate prize.