Record Voter Turnout Overwhelms Texas Polling While Bad Weather Affects Ohio

Elvira Arredondo casts her vote on the first day of early voting Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008 in El Paso, Texas. Early voting in the Lone State State's primaries has produced high turnout, but some counties won't be holding a primary at all. (AP/V. Calzada, El Paso Times)
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Undated (AP) Record voter turnout and miserable weather contributed to problems during yesterday's presidential primaries in Texas and Ohio, including long lines and ballot shortages.

Some polling places in Texas were overwhelmed and stayed open far longer than planned. By midnight, about 20 people were still in line at one Houston precinct, five hours after the original cutoff.

Similar scenes were reported elsewhere in Texas, where long lines delayed the start of the state's arcane precinct caucuses for an hour or more last night.

Heavy rain, sleet, snow and ice forced at least 10 counties in Ohio to request permission to move, and a few polling spots ran on generators because of power outages.

A federal judge ordered 21 precincts to remain open an extra 90 minutes after ballots ran out.