Coffman Certifies the Last of Electronic Voting Machines

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Denver (AP) Colorado's top election official has reinstated the last of the electronic voting machines he decertified just 12 weeks ago. But it's still unclear how coloradans would cast their ballots in crucial national elections this year.

Secretary of State Mike Coffman recertified two types of election systems and software optical scanners used by Jefferson and Mesa counties with some conditions. Coffman said the conditions provide extra security to protect against fraud or mistakes and says the machines are secure and will count every vote.

Coffman threw plans for this year's primary and general elections into confusion in December when he decertified most of the computerized voting and ballot county machines citing accuracy and security concerns. Legislative leaders moved ahead with a plan for conducting the mainly with paper ballots while also letting Coffman reopen the certification process to retest different fixes with input from county clerks.

But now clerks say they should be allowed to use the recertified machines. Voting activists say there are still problems with the machines and could file a lawsuit if they machines are widely used.

A a senate committee is scheduled to vote on the paper ballot proposal today